Who? What? Where?

Fox&Squirrel conduct guided London walks for those passionate about experiencing London’s culture, history and creative scene. Fox&Squirrel London walks are a unique equation that guarantees to unravel London’s treasures before you, to ensure your experience of the city is an authentic one, and that the walk  caters exactly to your needs.

All our guides are Londoners and experts in their respective creative field. Merge yourselves in London’s fashion scene guided by a historian who also turns her hand on styling; Experience London’s bourgeoning vintage scene with a vintage specialist; Explore London’s exciting art scene with some of London’s most prominent young artists and art curators; And, taste London’s dynamic food scene with a food journalist and chef.

All Fox&Squirrel London Walks are bespoke and led by a creative professional from each field that is fully merged in London’s creative scene just like foxes and squirrels are in London’s urban landscape.

Our Story

Fox&Squirrel walks are the brainchild of Jojo and Penelope. As a history graduate, Penelope loves to research. While reading about London’s fashion history she stumbled on the Lady’s Guide Association of the 1880s. This group offered employment opportunities for newly educated but unemployed middle class women by training them as professional shoppers and urban guides. These Lady Guides would navigate tourists and shoppers through modern London. Each promised to make the commerical city intelligible and pleasurable.

Inspired by the Lady’s Guide Association and the challenges women faced in the Victorian era, Penelope and Jojo decided to create employment opportunities for young creative graduates during these competitive job market conditions. London became their battleground and a group of  extremely talented and knowledgeable individuals their troops. Together, they mapped London’s creative terrain. Within a year of operation Fox&Squrirel’s guided walks were awarded best guided walks by The Guardian, have featured in a number of publications, and their clients include Grosvenor Estates, Seven Dials, The Connaught alongside corporate banks and curious individuals.

Meet the Team