Street Photography Walk

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Fox&Squirrel revitalise the London Cityscape on a series of Street Photography tours. Join expert photographers on a stimulating guided walk, unveiling the delectable nuances of London’s urban jungle…

Fox&Squirrel’s Street Photography tour is a great way to transform the way you experience London and your surroundings. Whether it’s through a fleeting snap-shot on your smart-phone, or an insightful photograph on your SLR, Fox&Squirrel’s Street Photography walk has been created with the intent to reveal shots previously overlooked.

Fox&Squirrel Street Photography Walk begins at the beautiful tea house Yumchaa on Camden Parkway, where Stuart will introduce you to the history of street photography, the practice.

Inspired, it’s time to proceed by delving through London’s visual plethora, Fox&Squirrel have crafted a tour with a series of exercises to develop your eye and instinct; offering the opportunity to wander London’s tangle of streets with a refreshed perspective. Each exercise takes place in a distinctly different area of Camden that includes the Lock, Regents Canal, London Zoo and Primrose Hill.

We do this on purpose in order to ensure your experience of the city is as diverse as possible while also preparing a unique frame for each picture you take.

En route Stuart will dedicate one to one time with each attendee to go through your images and provide you with constructive feedback.

By the end of the walk you will have produced a collection of images that tell your own journey through London in your own unique style developed along this walking photography tutorial.

Due to its accessibility, Street Photography has become an increasingly popular way to create art out of the everyday; a photograph that captures a transient moment disclosing a previously unexposed narrative. Gaining reputability as an art form, there are a bevy of international fairs and awards dedicated to celebrating the unique humour and insight typical of this genre.

Support and discussions with the guide will take place throughout the day.

Walk Summary:

* Guides: Duncan Nicholls and Alex Christophides

*Starts at 12 pm

*Ends at 3.30 pm

*Walk costs £75.00

*Meeting point Yumchaa, 35 to 37 Parkway, Camden.

*If a date does not appear on the calendar please enquire at info (at) foxandsquirrel (dot) com as we can arrange for the walk to take place on more days than appear online.

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